Our Company

AllSAFE CYBER SECURITY began as a division of Smartest Move Pty ltd ;Financial Brokerage Company ACN: 603301046.

Its main objective was to educate brokers on the threats of cyber attacks.

Today it currently is an independent agent acting primarily as a cyber security training company ABN:39757913863.

Offering training in:

Ethical Hacking;

We examine your current platform for cybersecurity weaknesses, using a combination of penetration testing, social engineering, and environmental shortfalls, providing you with a comprehensive report with cost effective solutions. 

Social Engineering and Environmental Awareness;

We provide defense awareness training against social engineering -digital & physical- and we will teach you cybersecurity best practices.


We run one on one or group training courses on  cyber security basics -including penetration testing.


If required we will find the right cyber insurance for you.

Cyber Security;

If required we will find the right cyber insurance for you.

Our Experience

With more than 10-year experience in custom PHP development & web engineering.

We have been involved in digital automation consultation for more than 20 years assisting various legal firms. small businesses and government departments.

Speaking at seminars and conferences to education and government sectors we have been involved with assistive technology & useability recommendations before the existence of voice recognition & touch screen technology was readily available to the public on their technical devices. 

Our trainers have been members of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for over 20 years and have recognised qualifications & experience as Programmers, Systems Analyst, Multimedia Developers, Hardware Engineers, Web Designers, Useability/Accessibility Consultants, Business Systems Analyst, Information Technology Engineers, Social Engineering Consultants & Cyber Security, Specialists.